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Wizard101 offers reimbursement for Sunday downtime


Wizard101 players may have noticed some unplanned downtime in their gameplay Sunday afternoon. J. Todd Coleman, aka Headmaster Ambrose, stopped by the forums today to clarify the issue. The technical problem that caused the downtime has since been fixed, but Coleman has said that some players may have experienced a loss of items acquired just prior to the downtime.

But don't fret, Wizard101 players. The team keeps detailed logs of all acquired items, and any items acquired (or crowns spent) prior to the downtime will be reimbursed, even if the item was not actually lost. The team understands that erring on the side of caution such as this will result in some players receiving double the loot, but Coleman states that this outcome is "far preferable to running the risk of some players not recovering lost items. All items should be successfully reimbursed within the next 24 to 48 hours. For the full details on the problem and subsequent recovery, head on over to the game's official forums.

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