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5 apps for Diwali


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TUAW wishes its Hindu readers - Diwali ki hardik shubhkamnaye. This holiday rejoices in the Inner Light and the underlying reality of all things. In its spirit as the festival of lights, we offer you a special edition of "5 apps for...". Here are an assortment of iOS applications to help celebrate Diwali.

  • Interact with a Diwali diya (free) on your iOS device using swipes and puffs of air. The app provides musical background songs and various styles of ceremonial diya lamps.
  • The $0.99 Diwali Greetings lets you create and share e-mail holiday cards with friends and family
  • Desi Calendar (free) provides a yearly calendar with festival dates and listings for each month full moon (purnima) and new moon (amavasya).
  • Create traditional Diwali sweets ($2.99) using this iOS recipe collection.
  • Celebrate with Diwali Firecrackers ($0.99) with "5 firecrackers and 25 engaging levels" by illuminating the earth with bursting firecrackers.

TUAW reader Sunilkumar K. Meena tells us, Diwali is the festival of Laxmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi visit everyone during Diwali and brings peace and prosperity to all

TUAW reader Raghav Sethi adds that Deepavali (Diwali) is a festival where people from all age groups participate. They light earthen 'diyas' (lamps), decorate the houses, light firecrackers and invite family and friends to feasts. Lighting lamps is a way of praying for health, wealth, knowledge, peace, valor and fame.

Shubh Deepavali!

Thank you Raghav Sethi and Sunilkumar K. Meena

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