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Final Fantasy XIV bringing you another producer's letter all the way live

Eliot Lefebvre

Between the release of patch 1.19 and the announcements regarding the game's future, Final Fantasy XIV has been drumming up quite a bit of excitement from its fans. And what better way to capitalize on that excitement than to have another installment of the producer's letter live for everyone to enjoy? On November 3rd, Naoki Yoshida will once again be taking to the broadcast waves to answer player questions about the most recent patch and future updates.

The official announcement notes that the particulars of the broadcast are not yet determined, but as with the previous live event, players can submit questions in advance or via Twitter on the day itself. While Yoshida will strive to answer as many questions as possible, there will be time constraints, and of course the audio will be in Japanese with a translation to come further down the road. Still, it's a chance to get more questions about the game answered by the man with the plan himself, and that's something many players will no doubt be excited by.

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