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Gameloft starts trading shares in the US


Gameloft is one of the standout companies on iOS. While the company has received criticism for "borrowing" some gameplay themes and ideas from more popular console titles, there's no question that it has still worked hard on quality games, and picked up a lot of iOS sales for it.

Gameloft is based in France, but has announced that it will start trading on the US market by selling American Depositary Receipts, which are a kind of representation of a foreign stock on the American market. The company says that 30% of its sales come from North America, so bringing the chance to invest to the US is probably a good way to pull in some new assets and interest.

Not to mention that the offering brings investors a chance to catch a ride on one of the iOS' platforms biggest success stories. Gameloft has been doing really well on the App Store, and this is just another sign that it's headed for even better things in the future.

As always, please note that this post is not actual financial advice. Just because the company is doing well, past performance is never a guarantee of future success in any business.

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