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Apple ship-to-store begins in San Francisco


One nice part about shopping online at Best Buy is the retailer's in-store pickup option. There's no searching the shelves for your item or waiting in a long checkout line. You order what you want online and stroll into the store a few hours later to pick it up. According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is now offering the same convenience of in-store pickup at its San Francisco store.

Online shoppers in the San Francisco area will see an option during checkout that'll let them select a store instead of a home address for shipping. The item will either be available the same day if they purchase a standard product normally sold in Apple stores, or in a few days if they choose a custom configuration. Customers will need an ID to pickup their product, but an earlier rumor suggests they can designate another person to do the pickup for them. This same program will supposedly have the added convenience of letting customers return online orders to the store as well.

The pilot program went live in San Francisco first and will extend to other stores in the greater Bay Area over the next week. It will eventually roll out to stores nationwide.

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