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Bethesda appeal denied for Fallout Online, work continues by Interplay

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you enjoying the game of Fallout Online? No, not the actual online game in which you adventure in a shattered wasteland, but the constant back-and-forth between Interplay and Bethesda over which company is allowed to work on the development. The game has been tied up in court for roughly forever, with Bethesda trying to block Interplay's further development via legal tactics, and while the first injunction was denied, the studio appealed to have the development halted.

It turns out that the courts remained firmly on Interplay's side, however, as the appeal has been denied and Interplay is in the clear to continue developing the game. Unfortunately, the game will still require express permission from Bethesda to launch, meaning that there's still no end in sight to the legal fighting and name-calling by both companies. For the time being, all that fans of the franchise can do is wait and see... assuming that Interplay remains financially able to develop the game after all.

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