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Blogger raises funds for raiding guidebook


Adam "Ferrel" Trzonkowski, author of The Guild Leader's Companion, is working hard on his follow-up book to assist MMO raiders. Titling his second guidebook The Raider's Companion, Trzonkowski is pairing up with artist Amanda Martin to create a book full of advice on how to tackle some of the toughest content in online gaming.

To help fund this project, Trzonkowski has launched a Kickstarter project to raise $4,000 that will go toward the expenses of publishing, art assets, marketing, and so on. If you find this a worthy project to assist, then your donation will make you eligible for a variety of rewards including signed copies of the book, hardback editions, and art prints. The Kickstarter project is well underway and will continue until November 25th.

You can read our previous interview with Trzonkowski his previous book and thoughts on guild leadership.

[Source: Epic Slant Press release]

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