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Indie Royale bundle has a competitive price for Sanctum, Gemini Rue, more


As a companion to those modest and charitable bundles we've been telling you about, here's a regal collection of indie games presented with a competitive twist. The first "Indie Royale" bundle offers four games for a limited time: first-person tower defense blend-em-up Sanctum; Nimbus, a 2.5D platformer; side-scrolling shooter A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda; and Gemini Rue, neo-noir adventure game set on a distant planet. With the exception of Gemini Rue, all are available through Steam, and most can also be downloaded via Desura. [Update: Gemini Rue is now on Steam too.]

The bundle's price at the time of writing is $2.49, and it can be influenced in two major ways. The price rises as more people purchase it, rewarding early adopters with a tinier price tag. However, the price can also be lowered if you pay above the minimum. Venturing above the required cost will not only save everyone else money, but your magnanimity will put you on a competitive leaderboard of very nice people.

Why don't you go ahead and show us your magnificent altruism? We'll get the next one.

[Thanks, Kent.]

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