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League of Legends season two details creep out


With the first season of League of Legends over and done, Riot is beginning to share details about Season Two. Throughout the year, players will compete for a piece of the previously announced $5 million prize pool, with the final championship tournament taking up a full $2 million.

Also part of the season two festivities, Riot has begun a limited beta of the League of Legends Spectator Mode, previously available only on the game's tournament realm. True to its name, this spectator mode allows players to watch games without participating. Players will be able to see both sides of the game, examine stats, builds and even turn off the fog of war. For now, spectating is limited to custom matches only – no matchmade games, in other words – though Riot plans to expand functionality in the future. Also, spectator mode will only be available during "designated testing periods." A quick check has revealed that, as of this writing, now is not one of those periods.

Summoners who like to watch should check out spectator mode FAQ.

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