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Ono on why Namco and Capcom are keeping separate while collaborating


In a Capcom developer interview, Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono said that he isn't interested in checking up on Namco's work on the collaborative project -- and they aren't checking up on his. "Basically, there's no point in developing a game separately if you're constantly getting in each person's way," Ono said.

"For example, if we checked the work Namco had done on Ryu, we definitely want to tweak things ourselves. The same is true for Namco. There's no point in mutually checking each other's work, for it would diminish the individuality of each party. It has to be 'Capcom does Tekken' and Namco does Street Fighter.'"

Ono went on to say that the cross-company project is meant to "build a foundation for the next ten years of fighting games" by inspiring these two major players to make their best work.

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