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Pioneer PotterNavi: a 3G bike GPS that encourages you to meander


A GPS that encourages meandering won't be the dish of the day (month, or year) for hypermilers, but might do well in the slightly more genteel world of cycling. Pioneer's PotterNavi sits on the handlebars of your velocipede and can let you decide between straight or scenic routes. The 100 gram device packs a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 LCD screen and fortunate Japanese buyers get two years of 3G data for free, courtesy of benevolent overlords NTT DoCoMo. Button-free navigation is possible with the included accelerometer, tilting the device will let you scroll without having to stop riding. It'll also tell you where the nearest tourist attractions, shops and toilets are -- just be careful, as your journey data (including any extended stops) gets uploaded to the Cycle Lab site. The SGX-CN700-W (white) and SGC-CN700-K (black) models launch in Japan in February for $530 before peregrinating westward next summer -- like the cyclists it will inspire, the container ship is taking the scenic route.

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