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Verizon throws Galaxy Nexus signup page live, claims exclusivity


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In case you were still wondering, yes, the Galaxy Nexus is Verizon bound. We certainly didn't need to see another signup page to tell us that, but if you find your way to Verizon's mailing list form through the outfit's own search bar, you might find an interesting banner: "Exclusively from Verizon," it reads, "Galaxy Nexus." Well, that certainly flies in the face of a certain FCC filing we've seen, not to mention Samsung's own Galaxy Nexus signup page and all of our hopes and dreams. With any luck, the handset will still launch on multiple carriers, perhaps only landing on Verizon's grid first. If old rumors hold true, however, Verizon customers won't be the only folks seeing red on November 10th.

Update: Looks like the carrier has softened its stance a bit, sometime overnight Verizon removed the exclusive banner from the page.

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