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Crush3D, Mario & Sonic Olympics hitting 3DS early next year

Sega recently announced the launch dates of two of its upcoming titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Folks waiting with bated breath for the three-dimensional puzzler, Crush3D, will be able to exhale earlier than the original projected late-February release date -- it's out on January 10 (January 13 in Europe). Worldwide athletes, on the other hand, can test their mettle when Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games lights the torch on February 14 (February 10 in Europe).

Well, we know what we're doing on Valentine's Day: Neglecting our significant others while we try and earn the gold with Dr. Robotnik in the Rhythmic Gymnastics event. They say his supple frame isn't built to twirl ribbons, but we respectfully disagree.

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