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Eligium launches website and reveals... panda monks. Really.


Oh Blizzard, did you think you were the only company looking at kung-fu pandas for inspiration? Sorry to tell you, but panda fever is sweeping the globe, and Frogster's upcoming Eligium is going to cash in on that craze like nobody's business.

Today Eligium launched its official website, replete with a beta signup form, videos, screenshots, and forums. On top of that, Frogster announced two of the fantasy free-to-play MMO's races: Pandas and Elves.

The Pandas are described as "masters of the martial arts" as they harness their chi to unleash it on their enemies. At level 15, Panda players can choose between two skill specializations, including Fire Breather. The Elves, on the other hand, fit more into standard fantasy tropes, being experts at archery and trees. The race will eventually segregate into either a defensive or long-range attack skillset.

You can take a gander at Eligium's goodies and sign up for the closed beta over on the official site.

[Source: Frogster press release]

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