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Lumia 710 makes an appearance on Nokia's US site without its Windows Phone counterpart

Brad Molen

When Nokia made it known that the Meego-running N9 wouldn't be making any official tour to the US, the sound of crushed dreams could be faintly heard in households across the nation. Would the newly-announced Lumia series suffer the same fate somehow? Might Uncle Sam's invitation to the family BBQ get lost in the mail a second straight time? Thanks to Nokia's US website, we know that at least one of the two Windows Phones will leave Espoo and land somewhere between sea and shining sea, as the budget-conscious Lumia 710 appears front and center on the OEM's home page while the 800 is nowhere to be found. We're not giving up just yet -- if absence makes the heart grow fonder, we don't want to get enamored with the AWOL phone this fast.

Update: Dampen down those hopes and dreams, kids. Nokia has said that it will be making a splash in the USA at the start of next year, but it won't be with the Lumia phones. The page went up just for your information.

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