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MMO Report: Ah crap it's BlizzCon again edition


"Ah crap, it's BlizzCon again?" asks Casey Schreiner in this week's MMO Report. 'Fraid so! At the Anaheim con, Casey interviewed World of Warcraft Lead Producer J. Allen Brack about the Mists of Pandaria expansion, covering the neutral Pandaren race, the Monk class, the talent system overhaul, pet combat, world bosses, battlegrounds, challenge mode, retro dungeons, and beer.

He also found time to chat with a few fans, cut in line, sniff markers, wade into a loot elemental money machine, polish off some voiceovers for Jaina and Thrall, and play with WoW-themed LEGOs. I mean, MEGA Bloks.

Casey's takeaway? "We all learned something very valuable here: that internet rumors can sometimes be true. So thanks for ruining Christmas, The Internet!"

Enjoy the MMO Report just past the cut.

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