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The Dark Meadow updated, price dropped for Halloween

Justin McElroy

It's true what The Grand Wizard says, you know, anything really can happen on Halloween. To prove it, Phosphor Games is dropping the price of its excellent, creepy iPhone adventure, The Dark Meadow, to $2.99 from now until Oct. 31.

What's that you say? A timed discount isn't proof of Halloween magic? Well, what if we told you the game was also getting an update in addition to the price cut, including 4S optimization, multiple save slots and a whole list of improvements we've got after the break? Now do you believe?

No? What's wrong with you? Have you no heart? Also: Has anybody seen my tambourine?

  • Optimized for iPhone 4S;
  • Lowered creature spawning rate to allow for exploration of the decayed beauty and gripping story of Montclair Hospital;
  • Removed the "Combat Summary Screen" to improve pacing;
  • Increased the player "Level Cap" from 40 to 50;
  • Added "Save Slots" under "Options" for different playthroughs;
  • Added "New Game +" after you complete the game, you can play again with increased difficulty;
  • Addressed key bugs and crashes.

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