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Did the Nokia Lumia 710 pass through the FCC?

Brian Heater

Lookee here, it's the other new Windows Phone-packing Nokia handset. No, not that one, this is the Lumia 710 -- you know, the budget phone with the 3.7-inch LCD and those colorful backplates. The Mangoriffic phone appears to have made its way through the FCC, with the ID on the filing matching up with listings on the Finnish phonemaker's site. Don't get too excited, however -- while this and the product page are certainly enough to get some stateside Nokia fanatics' blood pumping, the company has given us word that the Lumia is not destined for our shores, sadly -- at least not in any official capacity.

Update: We just received word from Nokia that, contrary to earlier information, Lumia devices will in fact be arriving in the States. As far as what those specific products will be, however, the company isn't quite ready to talk just yet.

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