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GTA: Vice City, San Andreas iOS ports 'very possible'


If you prefer the vibrant, jewel-toned streets of Vice City or the gritty, decidedly not-jewel-toned avenues of San Andreas to the trappings of Old Liberty City, you might have your fancy tickled by Rockstar soon enough. The developer, which recently showed off its iOS port of Grand Theft Auto 3, recently told Digital Trends that, though it might be a "technical challenge," similarly mobile versions of GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are "very possible."

That's the kind of can-do attitude that made Rockstar the top-flight development studio it is today. Well, that and the secret deal that Dan Houser made with the devil back in 1999. Oh, right, breaking news: Dan Houser made a deal with the devil back in 1999. We forgot that wasn't common knowledge!

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