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Phat Loot Phriday: Restored Archeus


"Miranda never was a normal girl," the old woman said as she handed a cup of tea to Lolegolas. The Blood Elf grasped the cup thankfully, warming his fingers on the pottery. "She was already touched by the time she left for school."

"What do you mean?" Throgg asked. He leaned against the hearth, his massive body soaking up heat from the wood stove. "I don't understand 'touched.'"

"She talked to people who weren't there," the woman claimed. "Not ghosts or anything like that. She claimed people existed on another plane from us; separate, not like us. She said they had extra dimensions. It was impossible to sort out."

"We're looking for her, old mother," Throgg said. "I owe your Miranda a debt. She is being hunted. She may not even know us for friends."

The elderly woman looked to the Gilnean, who merely nodded and confirmed, "I vouch for them."

"She'll be hiding in Darkshire," the old woman said. She handed a bundle to Lolegolas. Once it was in his hand, the woman unwrapped it. "This is the restored Archeus, once wielded by Mor'Ladim. Her father won it. If you show it to her, she will know you as a friend."

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Restored Archeus

  • Type One-handed sword
  • Damage 29-55 damage (16.3 damage per second)
  • Speed 2.60
  • Stamina 5
  • Equip Increases your dodge rating by 3 (0.75% @ L23)
How to get it Begin this quest in Duskwood at The Weathered Grave. It is Halloween, after all -- great time to go visit Duskwood.
How to get rid of it The Restored Archeus becomes a Small Glimmering Shard, or you can sell it for 6 silver.

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