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WoW Moviewatch: Around the Campfire


Around the Campfire is Wowcrendor's entry into the BlizzCon 2011 machinima contest. The movie didn't win, but I still think this is one hell of a funny video. Unfortunately, it's hard to talk about the plot without totally giving away the ending. I'll have to stick to some of the basics in this review.

The voice acting was provided by Jesse Cox, Rawrbug, and Wowcrendor himself. The vocal performances were spot-on, of course, but that's what you would expect from these three. This is an interesting departure from Wowcrendor's normal type of machinima; while this was impressive, I hope the fancier production values don't keep the master of sarcasm from churning out movies in the future.

My hat's off to everyone involved in Around the Campfire. This was a great show.

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