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Dungeon Defenders scares up free Halloween DLC on PC

Jordan Mallory

Dungeons are pretty spooky places to being with, what with the shackles and the chains and the spiders and everything, but are Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing content with letting Dungeon Defenders' inherent dungeon-dwelling spookiness carry it through the brief-yet-important Halloween season? Hell no!

Well, "Hell no!" if you regularly defend dungeons on your PC, at any rate. PSN and XBLA defenders will have to make due, but Steam users can download Dungeon Defenders' Halloween Costume and Mission packs for free, right this very instant. In aggregate, the packs include eight new costumes, a "devilishly hard" Halloween mission, eight new seasonal weapons, and a redecorated tavern for Halloween merry-making.

We don't want PSN or XBLA defenders feeling left out, so we recommend imagining how different your life would be had you purchased the game on Steam, instead of your console of choice. Terrifying!

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