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The Phoenix Wright movie looks better than we could have hoped [update: trailer pulled]

Jordan Mallory

The Phoenix Wright movie is lookin' good, you guys. We were foolish to ever doubt the incredible directorial abilities of the great Takashi Miike (Ichii The Killer, IZO), but we've been burned before, and it's hard to put faith into a video-game adaptation film these days. The production still released a few days ago helped ease our fears a little bit, but the above footage has pushed us completely over the edge into straight-up excited territory.

The clip is a bit noisy, sure, on account of the confusing, disembodied screaming, but the underlying cinematography and character designs look spot on. There's still no word on the film receiving a stateside release, but Miike's work has enjoyed a cult following in the U.S. for years, as has the Phoenix Wright series, so it doesn't seem entirely outside the realm of possibility. Gyakuten Saiban will hit Japanese theaters on February 11.

Update: The trailer has been pulled from YouTube.

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