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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is still taking submissions!

Jordan Mallory

You guys! The first week of submissions have been excellent; the pool of webcomics we pull from for the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is growing exponentially, as we hope the chuckles produced by the feature will.

The Thirty-Second Annual Weekly Webcomic Wrapup Hyper Webcomic Submission Tournament is far from over, however, which means that if you draw, know of, or write an extremely excellent webcomic, send a link to Jordan at Joystiq dawt cawm and tell us about it. Be sure to include the word "webcomic" in the subject so our filters can keep it out of the spam folder.

For now, check out our (expanded!) favorites from last week, including some new comics made possible by readers like you, and vote for your favorites after the break.

Note: If you submitted a comic and it's not below, fret not. Just because it's not here now doesn't mean it never will be, so keep at it.

Does this get to count as one Pokemon? (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)
Rygar (Blow The Cartridge)
"Smart" Phone (GameoverNation)
Lady Parts (Life in Aggro)
Footloose (Awkward Zombie)
Expecto Patronum, it's Super Effective! (Hello With Cheese)
Joke (Nerf Now!!)
Jump The Panda (Dueling Analogs)
Getting a Dragon's Soul (Virtual Shackles)
Polygon Au Chocolat (Penny Arcade)
Missingno. (Brawl in the Family)


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