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GameStop selling specialized Android tablets at 200 U.S. stores right now


GameStop has initiated Protocol 3 -- which is less lethal than Protocol 10 but possibly has the same resonating impact on humanity -- with the sale of specialized Android tablets at 200 of its U.S. stores. The tablets are produced by Asustek, Acer and Samsung, and come installed with seven games, including Dead Space and Madden NFL, and links to the GameStop Kongregate Arcade app store and the Android Market.

GameStop began radically expanding its business to include mobile gaming this year, establishing a cloud-gaming division and acquiring Spawn Labs and Impulse, but had said its GameStop-branded Android tablet wouldn't hit shelves until next year. These 200 stores could be an initial test-run before the tablets go mainstream (what hipsters). GameStop now accepts iOS-device trade-ins, which means, in theory, you'll be able to trade in your Apple product directly for an Android one.

As long as the GameStop tablet plays GoatUp, we'll be satisfied.

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