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Go go Power Rangers Online! For real!


Because we miss the '90s and the wonderful fads that it introduced to our culture, Korean developer Ntreev has announced the return of the fabled Power Rangers -- this time in MMO form. Officially unveiled on Friday in Seoul, Power Rangers Online is prepping for its first Korean closed beta, which should begin November 3rd with extremely limited numbers.

The game is designed to be a side-scrolling action MMO based on the Power Rangers Mystic Force series. Player will make their own unique character but choose an iconic color (i.e., "class") from the show. As they level up, players can outfit their characters with gear other than the Power Rangers classic spandex-slash-biker motif.

So far the beta consists of two "acts" with 14 stages and storytelling comic book-style sequences. If you're fully secure in who you are and have no compunctions about friends and family members questioning your viewing habits, you can look at some of the first screenshots in the gallery below and watch the teaser trailer after the jump!

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