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Angels Online gets new expansion, new equipment

Jef Reahard

Angels Online's newest expansion is trading the dangerous jungles of primordial paradise for the heat of an Egyptian-style desert. Pharaoh's Lost Treasure is set in and around the city of Basil, and the expansion features new weapons and armor with "some of the best stats the game has to offer."

According to a new IGG press release, Angels Online's dev team spent a lot of time getting the look of the new expansion armor sets just right. For Mages, new purple robes offer both offensive and defensive bonuses. Light armor wearers will appreciate new bone designs that offer protection without restricting movement. Plate wearers aren't left out either, as they can acquire new sets that combine "rich culture, style, and durability." Head to the Angels Online website to learn more and to download the game.

[Source: IGG press release]

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