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MechWarrior Online announced

Eliot Lefebvre

In the future, battles will be fought via BattleMechs -- enormous walking tanks covered in weapons, waging war for control of the region of known space called the Inner Sphere. Sound familiar? It's the premise behind the BattleTech series of games, including the popular MechWarrior franchise. And apparently, in late 2012, players will have the chance to get inside a 'Mech of their own in a new online installment to the series, MechWarrior Online, announced by Piranha Games.

The announcement comes with a slew of questions and answers for expectant players, including information about customizing one's 'Mech, which of the classic designs will be seen in the game, and of course details about the world and timeline that the game takes place. There are no details regarding a beta at the moment, but the team seems quite insistent that the game will launch in 2012. It's certainly going to make next year interesting for all life-long MechWarrior fans.

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