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Nissan Leaf EVs to join NYC taxis, won't make hailing a cab in Manhattan any easier


We've come a long way since Crown Vics crowded the streets of the Big Apple, opting instead for a fleet of hybrid taxis -- but today the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is taking its green approach one step further with the introduction of six electric Nissan Leaf cabs. Starting next spring, the electric cars will join the procession of mustard-colored whips as part of the Electric Taxi Pilot Program. The new additions are part of Bloomberg's plans for an all electric cab system by 2012. It's unsure yet whether the five-door electrics will have a distance or duty limitation and exactly what type of charging stations will be used. Curious cabbies can check out the source to find out how to sign up. Now, if we could only flag one down...

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