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PlanetSide 2's classes undergo flexible combat training


Everyone loves choices, especially when it comes to roleplaying games and the character building that goes on during the course of a game. While PlanetSide 2 may look, sound, and smell like a FPS shooter, SOE is doing all it can to ensure there's just as much choice when it comes to how players will be building their combat-hardened veterans.

For starters, there are six classes from which to choose, although the decisions don't end there. Depending on a soldier's whims, she can train in certifications to tailor the class to her play style. Similar to EVE Online's skill system, cert training takes place in real time no matter if the player is online or off. Finally, players can modify -- or "sidegrade" -- their weapons for that last level of customization.

Choose a class or playstyle that ends up not working out for you? SOE will even let you change your build without having to start over. Creative director Matt Higby explains: "You can switch back and forth anytime you respawn, any time you're at an equipment terminal. You can constantly try out each one of those classes and figure out what about the classes you want or what your empire needs."

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