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Resident Evil Chronicles going HD for PS3, Move


Capcom is upping the boils and rotting flesh textures, bringing the on-rails light gun Resident Evil games to PS3 in HD. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, released on Wii over the past couple years, will be bundled as Resident Evil Chronicles HD, ready to blast away on PS3 with Move support. Andriasang reports the announcement was made earlier today at Capcom's Resident Evil 15th anniversary event in Japan. No pricing, release date nor international distribution details were announced.

We wouldn't be too concerned about an international release, as an HD version of Chronicles is a low-risk second chance for Capcom to make some money from Darkside Chronicles, which failed to meet expectations, and Umbrella Chronicles, a million seller. Also, HD upgrades to on-rails shooters that launched on Wii are totally vogue -- just look at House of the Dead: Overkill or Dead Space Extraction.

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