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Resident Evil: Revelations supports save data reset; no plans for Circle Pad bundle


Capcom has learned its lesson. During its Gamer's Day event in San Francisco, the company confirmed that Resident Evil: Revelations will allow players to wipe their save data, should they choose. For the unaware, this lack of functionality in Capcom's previous 3DS title, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, caused quite an uproar. Admittedly, it's possible to wipe the save data, it's just extremely complicated.

In addition to that news nugget, Capcom also revealed that Resident Evil: Revelations will support the Circle Pad Pro, but currently has no plans to offer a bundle. The Circle Pad Pro is currently slated to launch in Japan on December 10. Nintendo has yet to reveal launch details for North America.

Capcom had a working unit on hand at Gamer's Day -- you can read all about it here. Resident Evil: Revelations launches on February 7.

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