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New interview with Tony Park talks about Firefall's post-release path

Eliot Lefebvre

Firefall, the upcoming MMOFPS from Red 5 Studios, is aiming at heating things up with a release in the very near future. But perhaps you're not in the beta and still want to hear more information about the game before it goes live. You're in luck, then, as there's a new interview out today for future players and general enthusiasts to examine. Tony Park, head of the Singapore office, talks about where the team hopes to bring Firefall in the days and months following release as well as the current state of the game.

Among the more interesting takeaways are the addition of a new class in the roster (the Dreadnaught) and talk about potential future e-sports participation within the game. Considering the activity level of e-sports in the eastern gaming world, it certainly makes sense that the team would have its eye on that as a potential future element of gameplay, especially with the game's setup lending itself to competitive play. While the release is just around the corner, it looks as if the game will still have plenty for players to anticipate even after launch arrives.

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