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Wahoo Fitness bringing $80 BlueHR heart-rate belt to iPhone 4S users

Darren Murph

Remember that nondescript heart-rate monitoring belt we peeked back in June? Now you know the company that's tossing out purchase orders for 'em. Wahoo Fitness has just revealed that it'll soon be shipping its own branded version of the product -- dubbed BlueHR -- and at least for now, it'll work exclusively with the iPhone 4S. Why, you ask? The 4S just so happens to have Bluetooth 4.0, and this here belt happens to utilize that very protocol. In a brief demo vid (embedded after the break), the company demonstrates it beaming out vitals to a nearby iPhone, and we're told that it'll be "compatible with all the top running apps like Runkeeper [as well as with] Wahoo's own free app." We're guessing that the outfit will do everything it can to have this guy out by Christmastime, but for now, you can start pinching pennies in an effort to afford the looming $79.99 sticker.

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