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Welcome to Movember, our Mo Bros and Sistas


As the days grow colder, so does the hair on many of our staff's faces grow longer. Such is the case with a sedentary group like us. So when we found out about a chance to combine our proclivity for facial hair growth with raising money for charities like LIVESTRONG and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we simply couldn't resist. And thus: Movember.

Today, we shave clean our faces, and prepare for the coming weeks of moustache growth, care, and coiffe. We hope that over the next 30 days, you'll join Team Joystiq's Movember group -- the "Joystiq Mo Brigade" -- and assist in our month-long effort to raise both awareness and funds for some great organizations. As the weeks go on, we'll be giving regular updates via Twitter and Facebook, and of course highlighting participants who go the extra mile. Will you be that extra mile goer? We hope!

But hey, maybe it's kilometers where you live? That's okay, you can totally join as well (and be the extra kilometer goer, obviously). Donations are all handled through an easy website, so you won't have to handle any processing yourselves! Also, you get to grow a totally sweet moustache, which we heartily encourage you to share with us. Ladies are of course welcome as well, though the moustache growing part is entirely up to your discretion. Supporting your "Mo Bros" in their month of facial hair shame is well beyond adequate participation.

On a final note, we'd like to point out that Team Joystiq is competing in a cross-game industry challenge particular to Movember, which includes press, developers, publishers, and lots of other folks. If donating for donations' sake just isn't enough, know this: donating will also assist in our continued domination. Excelsior!

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