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Trials Evolution to launch 'when it's done,' still being published by Microsoft


Trials franchise creator RedLynx may be warming up to its new publisher marriage with Ubisoft, as this morning's acquisition announcement revealed, but it doesn't mean that the Finland-based studio is moving in immediately. "We will still be working directly with Microsoft to bring Trials Evolution to Xbox Live Arcade once it's ready," RedLynx Director of Marketing and PR Jason Bates told me this morning.

It doesn't look like that'll be this year, however, as Bates explained that the company is taking a "when it's done" attitude to development and the game's launch date. "What we've been holding to is the 'when it's done' approach," Bates said. "We are going to take the time to polish and test the game to the best of our ability before we release it, to ensure it matches the quality people have come to expect from a Trials game."

Trials Evolution will be the last game that RedLynx puts out as an indie studio, as the game is still being published by Microsoft for Xbox Live Arcade, rather than Ubisoft. "We are looking forward to working with Ubisoft to ensure that Trials Evolution does get the attention it deserves when the game arrives," Bates said, though he also admitted that, "Ubisoft will respect the current commitments ... Microsoft is still the publisher of the title." The last Trials entry, Trials HD, has racked up over 2 million sales to date on Xbox Live Arcade -- a franchise Ubisoft is no doubt eyeing for potential future projects at the Finnish studio. Might we suggest TrialsMania? Just a thought!

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