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DCUO registers 120,000 new players, sees concurrent user spike [Updated]

Jef Reahard

If the early returns are any indication, DC Universe Online's free-to-play conversion is looking pretty successful. Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley recently tweeted that the superhero MMO picked up 120,000 new player registrations since its Tuesday evening cutover.

Smedley also said that concurrent users swelled 400% during the same time period. The one downside to the title's newfound popularity is the login queues. Earlier this year SOE consolidated all of the game's launch-day shards down to a few "megaservers" and PC Gamer reports that login queues are paying the price as a flood of F2P tire-kickers descends on Gotham City and Metropolis en masse.

[Update: John Smedley sent out another tweet on Friday heralding even more good news for SOE: "Over 330k new players. Concurrent usage is up 600% in DCUO! F2P FTW!"]

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