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DragonSoul pries a website and trailer out of its opponent's cold, dead hands


We're often asked here on Massively about what makes one start-up F2P MMO different from the others. What's the "hook," so to speak? Well, with DragonSoul the hook is easy to identify because the hook is dripping with blood and gore. It's a tad adult-oriented, let's just say.

This PvP MMO with political underpinnings has reached two milestones today. Neonga AG has opened the official DragonSoul website and released the first trailer for the game (which features plenty of white blood splatter). There's plenty of information about the game that's posted on the site, including several (but not all) of the classes, screenshots, game systems, and community networking. There's even a place for you to register for the upcoming beta program.

You can watch the SFW trailer after the jump and get a feel for what might make DragonSoul stand out from the crowd.

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