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Sparrow for iPhone tease


Sparrow for Mac is a popular Gmail client for the desktop that's easy to use and even easier on the eyes. Soon, its elegant simplicity will be available on the iPhone. Sparrow developer Dominique Leca talked to Business Insider and let the cat out of the bag about the company's upcoming iPhone app. Here's what he had to say,

We want our user to spend less time on mail. Our goal is to provide an efficient and playful experience. But we need to see if the UI we've come up with makes as much sense on the iPhone as we thought when we designed it. Our focus is efficiency.

According to the Business Insider report, the iPhone version of Sparrow is midway through development. The team is putting the final touches on the core app and is tweaking the user interface design to see what works best for the app. An early screenshot suggests it will support avatars, multiple accounts, and will have the signature Sparrow look.

Sparrow for the iPhone is expected to arrive in the upcoming months. Knowing the quality of work produced by the folks at Sparrow, it will be worth the wait. You can follow the progress at Sparrow's "Coming Soon" website.

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