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Fatshark announces Krater, a post-apocalyptic RPG coming to PC in 2012


Believe it or not, Fatshark has had the same game on its mind for ten years. It's called Krater, a top-down RPG focusing on crafting, exploration and consequence. "Consequence brings not only the ability for the characters to level up and improve themselves, but also permanent injuries and death," the press release reads.

Fatshark gave IGN additional details, including the post-war-torn and bio-weapons-ravaged Sweden the game takes place in. A weapon leaves a gigantic crater in the earth, revealing fresh drinking water and an oasis in an otherwise barren land. Players should expect both single-player and multiplayer missions, and a 2012 launch on the PC via Steam.

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden. November 3, 2011. Today Fatshark announced Krater – a new action role-playing game due for 2012.

"We are proud to announce a game that has been on our minds for over 10 years. We have always been fans of the classic top down RPGs, and have wanted to make this game since we started out in the games business." says Martin Wahlund, CEO and Executive Producer, Fatshark.

Krater is Swedish for Crater, and the name gives a hint of the setting of the game. Krater is a lush post-apocalyptic top down RPG and the base pillars are crafting, exploration and consequence. Consequence brings not only the ability for the characters to level up and improve themselves, but also permanent injuries and death.

"One of our main goals in the development of Krater is to involve gamers at a very early stage." says Victor Magnuson, Game Designer Fatshark. "We're really looking forward to seeing the fans response to what we are showing, and are ready to act on any feedback given to us throughout the lifespan of this project. We invite everyone to visit and be part of the creation of Krater."

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