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How much is a Guardian Cub worth?


When I wrote yesterday's post about the tradable Guardian Cubs, figuring out what the new RMT pets were selling for on different realms was a challenge. That's because they weren't properly showing up in Auction House API feeds, the kind of feeds that supply websites like The Undermine Journal and AH Spy with their up-to-date pricing information.

Thankfully, this lack of information was a bug that has been resolved:

So what about them Guardian Cubs?
I think it has already been stated, but it should be up and running now, and I see both ahspy and undermine journal are populating with guardian cub stats.

If you're interested to see what a Guardian Cub is selling for on your server, the website AH Spy has set up a convenient Guardian Cub pricing page showing the market value of the pet on each server, both US and EU. As you can see, prices vary wildly. The Cub is as cheap as 5,000 gold on some servers and as expensive as 100,000 gold on others. For the most part, though, a Guardian Cub can be had for just under 10,000 gold.

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