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Native Instruments debuts first iOS app, iMaschine


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For some time I've wondered when and if Native Instruments would enter the iOS music-making market. Being that they have such a respected presence with their awesome music software and audio interfaces in studios and with musicians around the world, it was irresistible to think of Native Instruments producing something fantastic for an iOS device.

Now their first offering has arrived for the iPhone with iMaschine. As demonstrated by musician and soul singer Jamie Lidell in the video below, iMaschine is a song creation sketchpad. With a whole bunch of drum samples and beats, the ability to create your own one-shot samples using the iPhone's mic, virtual keyboards, effects and a 4-track recorder / mixer so you can lay down some vocals too, iMaschine has plenty to offer to work up a song idea.

One of the cool features is that once you've come up with something good, you can export it directly into Maschine (the complete desktop package) or upload a loop or song directly to SoundCloud.

I'm looking forward to giving this a go as well as any forthcoming apps Native Instruments may introduce. How about Absynth or Kontakt for iOS?

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