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The MMO Report: The beard is gone edition


An unashamedly beardless Casey Schreiner* bookends a special (albeit late) edition of The MMO Report this week, and it's all about RIFT's colossal 1.6 update. The Report features RIFT Producer Adam Gershowitz, who declares that RIFT is now well-known for being "the MMO that updates the most" while discussing November's impending From the Embers patch, RIFT's sixth major update and its largest to date. Gershowitz explains that the update inserts a massive new zone-playground for endgamers, the Ember Isle, complete with the new Rise of the Phoenix raid instance, the Caduceus Rise dungeon, the instant adventure "looking for quests" tool, and RIFT's first recurring holiday event, Fae Yule.

(*Casey's de-bearding was, he claims, "for the greater good," and by the greater good, he means in the service of a swanky Petyr Baelish Halloween costume. How cool is that?)

Hit the jump for the special edition MMO Report!

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