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WoW Moviewatch: Gigolo Witch Test


I don't expect to see a lot of Diablo 3 machinima around here. Don't get me wrong; we're all going to be playing the game, especially since we're likely to get it free with our year-long subscription. But we're WoW Insider, dig?

That being said, we all love Olibith, and we were excited to see him get his hands on the new Diablo 3 machinima tool. He took the app and did what Olibith does best: He made something fun with it.

Sure, watching the witch doctor run around might not seem like high comedy. But this is the very first Diablo 3 machinima using custom tools, and Olibith knocked the humor out of the park. More than anything else, this video gets me excited about the game.

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