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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help us put Grandma in touch with her grandbaby


Dear Aunt TUAW,

My siblings and I will make the plunge and get our mom an iPad 2 for Christmas.

The thing is, my sister is in Texas expecting our family's first grandchild, and mom is out in California.

Is there an app/website/solution that would let my sister publish photos of the new baby to somewhere, and my mom would get a push notification or badge that tells her "Hey, you have new photos to look at." The simpler the better, on both ends.

Keep in mind, sister has an Android phone, and the both of them are PC users (I know, I know, especially since my partner works for Apple, but we can only convert one product at a time).

Any direction would be great!

Your loving niece,

Lisa H

Dear Lisa H,

Auntie's going to answer the question you're really asking, not the one in your email. Buy a Ceiva picture frame for grandma, and get either a current-generation iPod or an iPad 2 for your sister in Texas.

The Ceiva picture frame allows you and your sisters to upload photos from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad 2 or Android device, directly to Grandma's frame. New pictures are added into the rotation, so Grandma always receives a mix of photos, which you and your sisters can remotely manage. It's ideal for both new grandchildren and keeping in touch with your childrens' lives. Having a great vacation? Share your snaps with your mom, even when she's not there.

As for that extra Texas purchase, you will kick yourselves if you don't share that grandbaby using FaceTime. There's no reason for your sister to have to give up her Android phone or her PC. Just get her into the iOS family with a front-facing camera. FaceTime brings California and Texas together instantly for playdates with the baby. It transforms relations-at-a-distance and it's just as magical and revolutionary as all those ads promise, especially with little kids.


Auntie T.

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