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EVE dev blog outlines starbase-related tweaks

Jef Reahard

Oh those crazy CCP devs! Not too long ago the company was hell-bent on steering EVE Online down the microtransaction dress-up path, and now the folks behind the sci-fi sandbox are posting spaceship-centric blog updates on a daily basis. The title of the latest feel-good entry is Starbase Happy Fun Time (we kid you not), and it's all about introducing the changes that are appearing in advance of CCP's planned starbase revamp.

CCP Greyscale gives us the skinny on tweaks to jump bridges, timers, and fuel blocks, and all of the adjustments are being made with an eye towards increasing capsuleer quality of life across the board. If the balance change theme sounds somewhat familiar, it's because CCP is making a habit of saying all the right things lately.

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