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Minecraft hits 4 million, growing as fast as ever

Justin McElroy

Since we're not writing about Minecraft three or four times a day like we used to, we'd kind of assumed the love affair between Mojang's world builder and the internet was waning. But judging by the fact that the game just broke four million sold, it may not be time to call in Dr. Phil just yet.

In fact, the game got from three to four million in three months, which is a full month faster than it got from two to three million. Well-respected researchers (who actually exist) say that if growth continues at this rate, 2012 doomsday prophecies will be fulfilled as every human in existence is buried underneath a digital copy of Minecraft. It will be a grim, blocky landscape and Kristen Schaal will be its sole lord and conqueror. All hail Schall.

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