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Prime: Battle for Dominus undergoes a quick name change

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a lot in a name, for MMOs as much as anything. You want your name to be recognizable, distinct, and perhaps most importantly something that isn't going to be mistaken for the name of a different game or product. Prime: Battle for Dominus has already been establishing buzz about itself, but its name was a bit cumbersome with the subtitle and a bit generic without it, so the game is shortening itself down to simply Dominus from here on out.

Confirmed via an official tweet, the name change is hardly the first time that a game in production has undergone a shift in title (the most recent MMO example being RIFT and its multiple sobriquets). Nothing else appears to have changed for the title, although it's quite likely that the official site address will be changed and the current site will be used as a redirect. And it will be a lot easier to remember the name, since Dominus doesn't come up frequently in other conversations.

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