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Spanish version of Perfect World International is on the way

Eliot Lefebvre

Despite the name, Perfect World International has always been fairly national after all. Or at least, it's been limited in the sense that unless you can read the game's English text, you're going to have a hard time navigating it. Fortunately for players in Latin America, Aeria Games is currently in closed beta testing for a Spanish version of the game client, complete with all of the game's content and free expansions to date.

The official site for the Spanish version is up, along with registration options for players hoping to take part in the testing and refinement of the title. We've also received a few preview screenshots of the game in its current incarnation, although ironically enough none of these screenshots features text in any language. If you're hoping to be able to play the game in a language other than English, keep your eye on the localization of this title in the coming months.

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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