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ArcheAge gears up for its fourth closed beta test


Eager sandbox fans have been waiting -- some without showers or nutrition -- for word of the next phase of ArcheAge's beta testing for a while now. Happily, they can go spruce up their hygiene and eat a Big Mac now that XL Games has revealed the details about the upcoming closed beta test 4.

The good folks over on the ArcheAge blog have translated the news for us. If you've already been a part of the third beta test, you'll automatically be rolled over into this next one. If you haven't gotten into the beta yet, you can apply for CBT4 from today through Sunday, December 4th. Of course, you might need to brush up on your Korean if you do.

Lucky beta testers will be informed of their status by December 7th, with the beta test kicking off on the 8th of next month. ArcheAge's closed beta test 4 will have approximately 5,000 players when all is said and done.

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